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22 junio, 2018
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Meat VS Seafood

I don’t know about you but when it comes to eating, I always find it best when it’s prepared with those closest to me. I just can’t seem to decide if Chilean meats are better than fish & seafood.


Even though Chile is not world renowned for its meat, there’s no denying that there is an excellent selection of prime cut beef, pork and certainly, Patagonian-style lamb.  A proud Chilean will almost certainly always tell you a good cut of sirloin or pork is best prepared on the grill (so true), and lamb should be cooked on an iron cross, over dry pine wood for about 6 hours. Any of these meats can be accompanied by typical Chilean salads, such as tomatoes with onions and coriander, potatoes, beans with onions, as well as others.  Lemon, oil and salt is a must!!!

A great alternative is Tanino Restaurant at Casas del Bosque Vineyard



Chile’s incredibly long coastline offers some very well-known delicacies such as Sea Bass, Salmon, Abalone, Chilean razor clams, King Crab and many others. If you’re having lunch in Valparaiso or Viña del Mar, we recommend the local seafood. You should definitely try the seabass and most shellfish. They will without a doubt be fresh and tasty. If you’re looking to have salmon, it will almost always come from the most southern regions and you can bet it will also be delicious.

The Central Market is a great place to try Chilean Seafood



With so many choices of these delicious meats and seafood how can one decide on one or the other?  My only solution is to continue trying these tantalizing dishes and maybe someday I’ll be able to decide. Until then, I’ll just have to sacrifice my palate!!

If you’ve already been to Chile and have had the opportunity to try its cuisine, be sure to share your experiences with us. And if you’re planning to visit, we’ll be happy to take you to some great local restaurants so you may decide for yourself. 


We recommend the following restaurants for meats and seafood in Bellavista and surrounding areas.

SURF                                                                                     TURF

Azul Profundo Restaurant                                                      Montana – Steak House & Bar

Puerto Bellavista – Restaurant                                               Eladio – Restaurant

Barrica 94  – Vinobar Restaurant                                          Barrica 94  – Vinobar Restaurant

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