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9 julio, 2018

5 Things to do in Santiago if you are Gay


If you think of Latin America´s friendliest cities, you’re probably imagining Rio and its beaches, Buenos Aires and the Tango or El Cuzco and the ruins of Machu Pichu. But how about the hidden treasures of Santiago?

Chile is one of the most economically developed countries in Latin America, and the capital is a very Friendly city. There’s much to do while staying in Santiago, visit the Andes, go to the Museums, Dance Clubs, fine Dining and more. We’ve picked the 5 things you have to experience while you’re here, so enjoy!!!


Bellavista District

Bellavista is the most iconic gay neighborhood, especially for the night life. Here is where the Bars, Clubs and Restaurants for LGBT people are.  You can start early with dinner at one of itsmany restaurants, then go for some drinks at Bombero Nuñez st. It’s after midnight is when the action really starts, and you can choose to see a drag show or go dancing to the clubs or parties (don`t even think about getting there before 1am).

My perfect itinerary will be start after 22 at Bar 105 or Station Restobar and have some drinks, then go to a drag show just at at Club Anttílope (The show starts at midnight). Finally, if the night it’s still young I like to go dancing to Fausto Discotheque, or one of the many parties that happens during the weekends

Houses At Bellavista District


Try Pisco Sour and “Terremotos”

It’s no secret that Chileans know how to drink, and we drink a lot!  So you should try two of the most typical drinks. Pisco Sour is a mixture of pisco and lemon juice, and can be found in Chile and Peru, it comes in different sizes: regular, cathedral, and Vatican (warning: Try the Vatican only if your liver is in good shape). Terremoto is a cocktail of white wine, pineapple ice cream, fernet and grenadine. It’s known as an Earthquake in English, that’s because it’s so strong that after having one everything feels shaky.

Pisco Sour… Mmmmm

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Visit a Vineyard

Chile is one of the biggest wine producers, and its quality has been continuously improving during the last decades. Very close tothe city are several vineyards you can visit and learn about Chilean wines and, of course, taste some of the finest. At the Maipo Valley we pick Concha y Toro and Santa Rita, and from the Casablanca Valley, Emiliana, Casas del Bosque and Indomita. With every glass of wine, the day just seems gets better and better.

Group Tour To Indomita Vineyard


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San Cristobal Hill

It’s one of the highest hills in the City, so from the top you can get a great view of Santiago. With more tan 1.700 acres, it’s the biggest urban park in the country. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of activities you can do. Locals usually go there on the weekends to exercise, make a barbecue, visit the zoo, or just enjoy the views from one of the many spots the hill has.

A must do is have a “Mote con Huesillo”, a non-alcohol local drink special for those warm days.

To get there you can take the Funicular in Pio Nono Station or the Cable Car at Oasis Station.

Riding The Funicular At San Cristobal Hill



For those of you that are single or like sharing steamy moments with others, there are some bath houses that are a must to visit, while enjoying the local flavor with guys from all ages.  After some drinks, or even after the party, you can relax at the most iconic Sauna in Santiago 282, forget for a while about the outside world and explore your senses… you know what I mean.


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What is your favorite?

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